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How to Play

Creating a Login or play Anonymously

You may sign-in with Google, Apple, or you may register with an email address and create a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain an upper case and lower case letter, a symbol, and a number.

You may also select to play Anonymously as a guest.

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You will be brought to a page to choose your User name and select the languages in which you would like to play.  You can make language changes in your profile at any time. You do not have to choose all of the available languages. But you do have to select at least one language. You will have the option to play games in as many or as few of your selected languages. Every game can have a different combination of languages. You do not have to play in all of your selected languages in each game.

Finding an Opponent

Start a game by tapping on Games icon. Names of suggested opponents will appear. Select an opponent and tap on their name. You will see a list of the common languages that both of you have available. Unselect any language in which you do not want to play in this game. Games require at least one common language to be selected to play a game. (You do not have to select all their playable languages - just the ones in which you want to play this particular game).

Invite someone new to play by tapping the “friends” icon at the bottom of your screen. If you don't see a friend listed, tap “All Friends” at the  top of your screen. Tap “Invite,” then select a contact method. Your friend will receive an invitation to play. The game can begin once your friend has created an account and an invitation has been sent or received.

You may also choose to play a shorter Solo game directly against Linguicity by selecting Solo Play on the Games Page.

How to play

Each player starts with 7 character tiles that are drawn from a mix of the characters in the languages you have chosen to play (including their unique special characters: ñ, ö, ä, etc). 

The current player is highlighted in white along with their current score.


The goal is to create words using the characters in your tile tray in the language currently in play. The language of play (LoP) is highlighted at the top right of your game screen along with the other languages available for that particular game. In the example below, the available languages are Italian (IT), French (FR), Spanish (ES), and English (EN). The LoP is currently in Spanish (ES). The word(s) that you create on any given turn must be in the current LoP.

Each tile has an individual value that is totaled for all words that you create (horizontally and vertically). A number of the squares on the playing grid are bonus tiles. These include double letter (DL), triple letter (TL), double word (DW), and triple word (TW). The first word needs to be played across the center star square.


Linguicity also has Change Language (CL) squares -- which makes Linguicity so exciting.... and challenging. When one of your character tiles in a played word covers a CL square, you'll be prompted to select a different language (from the agreed upon languages in that game) for your opponent to play during their next turn.  


The LoP will stay in the language that you have selected until either:

a) another CL has a word played across it by either player; or,

b) until either player uses a Power Up to change the language -- which can be done before their play without losing a turn.

board play.jpeg

In the game shown above, it's Player #2's turn to play a word in Spanish. If a player has any character tiles that can only be used in a particular language (e.g., ñ, ö, ü, etc) they may want to change the LoP to that particular language. They can do this by either playing a word across a CL square or by using a Change Language PowerUp to change the LoP at the beginning of their turn. (See Power-Ups section below.)

Words that have been played on the board can be used to make additional words in the current LoP. If one player has added the word "play" while the LoP is English and if the LoP was later switched to Spanish a player may add an "a" to the English word "play" to make the Spanish word "playa". 

Power Ups

There are two Power-Up options:  Change Language+ and Swap+. Change Language+ lets you change languages before you play your word. Swap+ allows you to swap your character tiles before you play your word without losing your turn. 

Tap on the "Power" icon at the left bottom of the game page. A pop-up will appear with the Power-Up options. Tap on the one that you would like to use. Both Power-Ups and Swaps can be used at the beginning of your turn in any game -- but each can be used only once per turn.


On the Store page you will see how many coins, Change Language+, and Swap+ that you have. Tap the Store icon on the bottom right of your main page. You earn coins as you play:  the more games you play, the more coins you will earn! You also have the option to buy additional coins which can then be used to purchase the desired Power-Up.


Levels are determined by the total word points that you have played.


Each group of 10 levels require incrementally higher total points to attain. That is, each level from 1-10 are attained for every 100 points played (total in all games).  Levels 11-20 require 110 points to move to the next level. Levels 21-30 require 120 points to move to the next level and so on.


Levels are re-set to 1 on the first of each month. Your historic highest level will be shown on your profile page.  Each month you will have the opportunity to break your own personal record! The more games that you play the more opportunity you will have to reach higher levels.


Coins can be earned during game play or may be bought in the Linguicity Store within the app.

Don’t like the current LoP (language of play)? Then use one of your Power Ups (Change Language+) to change the LoP to the language that you would like before you play your word(s).


Need different character tiles? Use the Swap+ Power Up to swap out your tiles at the beginning of your turn — without losing your turn!

Periodically, we may send out Coupon Codes. To redeem the Coupon Codes simply go to the redeem tab above, login, and redeem your coupon code.


Choice of Tile-sets are earned when certain Levels are achieved.  Reach Level 60 and unlock 5 new tile-sets. Reach Level 100 and unlock 5 more tile-sets.

Have fun, exercise your brain, learn new words!

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